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Kenosha Kid
Dan Nettles, Marlon Patton, Robby Handley
Trio photo by Jason Thrasher


Based in the humid indie-rock haven of Athens, Georgia, Kenosha Kid has supplied the world with their own unique blend of modern-jazz-meets-college-radio for over a decade. In 2004, after several weeks study and improvisation at the Banff Centre for the Arts, bandleader Dan Nettles emerged with a flame of inspiration, a host of new collaborators and an invigorated sense  of purpose: Build a scene, write for people you know, and listen to your creative heart regardless of music idiom. Returning to Athens, Nettles did just that, which became the beginning of Kenosha Kid.

Starting with the release of Projector [2005], Kenosha Kid has provided a steady string of content: a DVD/CD package featuring an all-new score for Buster Keaton’s silent film Steamboat Bill, Jr [2008], the vinyl release of Fahrenheit [2009], which is ten selections inspired by Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi classic, and the creation of an extensive Bandcamp archive which houses over 40 live shows.

Their newest album, Outside Choices (2017) picks up where 2015’s Inside Voices left off. Recorded with the same personnel and the same delicate balance of great writing and breathtaking improvisation, Outside Choices becomes the yang for Voices yin. The seven offerings range from the off-kilter joy of “Halfrica” to the simmering rage of “Before and After” to the quicksand-like noir of Mancini’s “Lujon”, with many crystalline moments along the way. The melodies are haunting, the grooves are devastating, and the band continues to expertly serve jazz purists, indie-rock hipsters, and funk loving jam fans alike..


“The harmonic richness and rhythmic involvement come from jazz, but the sonic particulars… come from a number of places. Nettles might cite Black Sabbath, Johnny Cash, Sonny Sharrock and Elvin Jones as influences—perhaps on a single tune.”
Flagpole Magazine
“The voiceless excursions explore jazz, jam, psych, funk and rock territory with an infectious enthusiasm and instinctive creativity.”
“the sort of boundary-leaping creative jazz most listeners identify with the big-city scenes of places like Brooklyn, Seattle, and the San Francisco Bay Area.”
All Music
“Just a tremendous effort. Highly recommended.”
Bird is the Worm
“… a bird of different breed… a unique, integrated work of art.”
Something Else!
“…knotty, mind-bending jams…Kenosha Kid runs wild with the eclectic.”
“…creative music…nowhere to be found within the current musical landscape.”
“The entire combo gels seamlessly; everyone shines without showing off, weaving waves of trumpet and saxes (alto, tenor and baritone) around Dan Nettles’ sublime guitar fingering, over a restless, rustling rhythm section.”
Stomp and Stammer
“Beginning to end this album has a very ethereal feel.”
“…curious curves and focused ambulations…”
Flagpole Magazine
“Kenosha Kid’s music is simply wonderful to listen to: somehow soothing, exciting, experimental and melodic all at once.“
Greenville Journal
“Muted electronic textures, hard bop grooves, and psych-rock flourishes all come out to play in Kenosha Kid’s sound”
Creative Loafing
“Inside Voices is dense with smoldering intensity and musicianship at the apex of instrumental/experimental jazz”
Hear Around Corners
“Kenosha Kid promises to put on an energetic, fun show for those who truly love music.”
Spartanburg Herald-Journal
“The album… mixes a Periodic Chart of music elements…”
Athens Banner Herald
“Each musical step, whatever direction it may be in, forms a path, and Nettles seems to appreciate walking it.”
Red and Black
“focused movements and keen horn arrangements mark them squarely as a jazz band that plays inside and outside conventions.”
Indy Weekly
“With their most recent LP, the atmospheric and exploratory Inside Voices, the band exhibits some of the finer characteristics that place it just beyond description.”
Jam Demont
“The record glides seamlessly between moods and tones as easily as it shifts gears between tempos and key changes.”
Charlotte Viewpoint
“Kenosha Kid is solid… Combo-esque jazz that manages to separate itself from the norm and the noise…”
KAMP Arizona