Kenosha KidProjector (Studio 2005)

Kenosha Kid is a collective of jazz musicians based in Athens Georgia. Most of the music on this album was conceived and originally performed by Kenosha Kid to go along with various silent films. Here, the band has chosen to present the music as it stands alone... you won't be able to synchronize it up to such films with any great effect, but feel free to try.
Projector features unlikely instrumentation: accordion, trombone, mandolin, electric guitar, acoustic bass, and drums. Though most likely categorized as a jazz record, Projector sounds more like a well-crafted indie-rock gem. Careful attention is paid to the compositions, the overall band sound, and musical textures rather than long-winded soloing.

Although originally conceived to accompany silent films by Ladislaw Starewicz and Charlie Chaplin, here the music has been re-arranged into sections -- "The Kid Suite", "The Mascot Suite", and "The Hits" - each telling their own story with no visuals necessary. Compare the sentimental sounds of "Orphan Theme" to the punk-klezmer of "Tom & Jerry" to the ambient "Sojourner," and you'll find the recording creates a musical storyline that is well beyond simple background music.


Dan Nettles: guitar
Rob McMaken: mandolin
Dave Nelson: trombone
Rich Iannucci: accordian
Carl Lindberg: bass
Jeff Reilly: drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tom Lewis.
All songs written by Dan Nettles except #12 by R. McMaken.
Art Design by Nick CANADA