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Zombie Party

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Inspiration and Composition:

Zombies being so hot right now, there’s a whole group of us in the neighborhood who get together and watch “Walking Dead”. It mostly consists of us just shouting at the tv, hoping the child character Carl gets eaten. So this is one zombie party…

An image also emerged early on, kind of a lampoon-ish surfer movie with the undead partying at a pool, bits of limbs and fluids getting everywhere, a nasty hilarious mess… so this was another zombie party.

Somewhere, somehow along the way, these images prompted me into writing over a pretty basic surf beat, and the rest unfolded in a bizarre fashion.

The song itself is a frankenstein of a composition, with half of the A section melody in one key, half perhaps in another, with two beats lopped off in between phrases. The bridge in between goes from an expected start to a long term ramble across some surprising harmony.


The song begins with a shambling mass of zombies approaching. Then the melody, and I became clever with the horn lines, adding lots of contrary motion within the harmony lines. Two brief horn assaults follow, Greg, then Peter, then Robby gets the bridge while the horns sweep back and forth in harmony. Jacob follows with a sputtering statement, like some ghoul coughing out it life jelly. Two sections of guitar solo, and then the track takes you out with the bridge melody, one final A section, and a moment for Marlon to destroy the drums.

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